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A passion for individual style led Jo Caterer to open the stylish retro boutique in Kallista called Clementine.

You won’t find any retro grunge in this store but a modern take on the 60s and 70s theme in design. Established within a building built in the 1960s, Jo puts her skilled hands to work in producing beautiful contemporary textiles.

Jo moved from Glen Iris to Sassafras 30 years ago and appreciates the individual style that the local community crave. “I think people in this area don’t like mass produced, that is not what they want. I find they are so individual and don’t really go for trends.”

“We wanted to be able to display homewares in a contemporary way.” Clementine is unique in that most of the products are sourced from second hand markets and Jo scours the city for beautiful vintage fabrics and over the last few decades has amassed a large collection of fabrics. “I suppose we are reacting against a typical retail environment.”

Sometimes customers will bring in their own favourite fabrics for Jo to turn into fashionable homewares.

“The 60s and 70s look is very popular at the moment, particularly the second hand glassware. I suppose the concept of the store is to present homewares based on individual style. Things that you are just not going to see anywhere else.”

“I’m constantly looking for fabric, if something grabs my eye I will always grab it.”

Jo said that at the current trend in cushions is the mix and match look, with simple designs. Jo began her design career in a shop in High Street Armadale after completing an art and design course. Later she moved into another career while raising her family and the establishment of Clementine was her opportunity to delve back into the world of design.

The shop, with its high ceilings and large plate glass windows was ideal for the style of shop she had had hoped for.

Clementine is open on Wednesday to Saturday where you will generally find Jo at her sewing machine.

Clementine – 79 Monbulk Road Kallista 9755 3771

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