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The Elms – Wonga Park

The Elms in Wonga Park is a garden 30 years in the making and it is obvious that each of those years was filled with care, passion and the vision of owner Sharon Kepper. The garden is divided into sections of varying styles each carefully planned to create a particular environment, scene or purpose. Garden […]

Landscape Architect – Phillip Johnson

Phil Johnson landscape architect, educator and passionate water conservationist is living in paradise built from his own hand. The multi award winning landscape gardener has created a tranquil and inviting private garden surrounding his tree-top home in Olinda. ‘Paradise’ as it is known is five acres of sprawling native garden across a steep mountainside. Nine […]

Echoes of the Past – Yarram

The enchanting gardens that surround the former Gelliondale Hotel are a testament to the hard work and creativity of current owners Graeme and Val James. Work on restoring and rejuvenating the gardens began about 10 years ago and today they are formed in a classic style bursting with colour and vigour. The former hotel was […]

A Touch of Whimsy – Wron Wron

The gardens of Galbeado Park are full of colour and more than a little whimsy. Throughout Lorraine Mumfords garden at Won Wron near Yarram are small signs of Lorraine’s obvious sense of humour and passion for her garden. A variety of sculptures create interesting focal points in nearly every direction and the large array of […]

Grow Your Own Berries

My mother’s “to die for” loganberry jam was the highlight in the Christmas hamper she prepared for each of her adult children. She continued this tradition well into her eighties when even her grandchildren became the eager recipients. She also instilled in each generation the satisfaction and benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables. […]

David’s Garden

When David Musker speaks of the garden he has created with partner Phillip Hunter, he speaks of the passion, the joy and an elusive ‘little bit of magic’ that has brought it all together. “We are very lucky to have this garden, but it is not just luck there is a little bit of magic. […]