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Ann Mannion

A shipping container full of fabrics of all textures, patterns and vintages, provides a never-ending supply of ideas and options for Yea textile artist Ann Mannion. She has been sewing ever since she watched her mother as a little girl and over time has turned her passion and skill in this tactile art, into a […]

Phillip Lacy

Asked to rate three priority skills to be a successful jeweller, Phillip Lacy of Meeniyan, doesn’t hesitate.  “One must have a desire to create, to learn how to transform, a curiosity and excellent listening and communication skills.” Lacy Jewellers is located in the heart of the South Gippsland town of Meeniyan. When about 16 years […]

John Champion

Stone craftsman John Champion is a wanted man. With his nearly three decades of experience working with stone in gardens and homes his skills are in high demand as stone makes a resurgence. Using hand made tools John is maintaining a craft and an art that is generally considered one of the old arts.  There […]

Zak Chalmers

On his picturesque property in Leongatha South, ceramic artist Zak Chalmers is creating serene, contemporary pieces using the age-old process of wood firing. The Valley Plains Pottery is at the end of a long driveway that snakes along a plateau, with bush on one side and a stretch of open farmland on the other. Endless […]

Sue Acheson

In Rokeby West Gippsland  is the pottery studio and gallery of Sue Acheson. Here, Sue creates practical, pots and mugs inspired by the beautiful bush around her pottery. Alongside her studio is her traditional wood-fired kiln where she fires her pieces. Sue uses a traditional kick-wheel for throwing the clay as opposed to using a […]

Lisa Kurec

Lisa Kurec is inspired by the environment and her Ukranian heritage to produce exquisitely detailed linocuts and etchings on paper. Her studio is  on a small farm in Drouin West. As a classroom teacher, Lisa deftly relayed her techniques and inspirations to those who had gathered around her press in the centre of the studio. […]

Helen Timbury

Helen Timbury creates linocut prints in her studio, a converted garage in the township of Drouin. Printing onto fabrics is her latest inspiration. Her studio is filled with her work, hand coloured cards, framed work and shelves filled with inks, paints, brushes and ornaments. “This is my solitude-my escape and my thinking place. It also […]